Suspension Bridge Collapses Just As Four Hikers Begin To Walk Across.

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If you have a fear of heights then this might be your worst nightmare. While on vacation in New Zealand, a group of friends from France just barely escaped disaster on an early morning hike. The ill-fated bridge claimed to support the weight of up to ten people. So when the group of four approached the narrow suspension bridge, they didn’t think twice about crossing it together. Unfortunately, that’s when a cable snapped and dropped the four friends into the water 27-feet below. 

The hikers escaped without any serious injuries and all realize how lucky they were to survive. "When we got halfway across we heard a muffled sound and before having time to do anything I was thrown into the emptiness, accepting the likelihood I would die,” said Effie Belle, one of the lucky hikers. The New Zealand government blamed the collapse of the bridge on a manufacturing defect, and as of now the bridge remains closed.