Teen Makes Life-Changing Visit To Chiropractor After Suffering Severe Back Pain For Months

Jul 10, 2015 By Hannah Austin

The case of Muntathar “Mun” Altaii is so bizarre, it seems like it belongs on an episode of House or Grey’s Anatomy, but the scariest part? It could happen to any of us. The 17-year-old was clearing brush in early 2015 when he came across an especially stubborn tree root. Instead of grabbing a shovel, he did what many of us would do – stooped over and attempted to pull it out himself. The decision turned out to be a devastating one, as Mun immediately began suffering from debilitating back pain.

However, this was not a “take an aspirin and get some rest” kind of situation. Mun had developed kyphosis, an extreme curvature of the spine that causes rounding of the entire torso. It wasn’t long before he lost feeling in his right leg and could no longer stand up straight or walk. He needed help and he needed it quick, but every doctor he visited was too afraid to touch him. The injury was so extensive that many feared they would do more harm than good, perhaps even paralyzing him altogether in the process. Mun told his father the pain was so unbearable, he was ready to die.

Against all odds, father and son decided to leave their home in America and travel to Chiropractic Excellence in Melbourne, Australia. It was there that they met Dr. Ian Rossborough, owner of the practice and the first doctor willing to take a chance on Mun. In just ten days, the teen’s life (and posture) changed drastically. This transformation is truly something you have to see for yourself. 

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