Teen Stops To Shovel Snow For Man In Walker.

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As we slowly trudge through winter, with spring's warmth still over a month away, it seems like cold, snowy days are only getting worse. Snow, while charming for the first few weeks, becomes a major hassle over time. People living in areas with heavy snowfall have to clear it off their sidewalks, roads and windshields before going about their days. In 2014, one Chicago resident discovered that he'd shoveled an impressive 25 tons of snow in a single winter - that's a lot of snowmen. Shoveling snow is back-breaking work for someone in good shape and near-impossible for someone suffering from a physical ailment. 

Clarence Coleman, who's 76 years old and relies on a walker to help him move around, knows just how difficult it can be to shovel snow. Coleman doesn't have anyone living with him to help clear the snow that blocks his driveway. Despite the exhausting chores waiting for him outside, he remains pretty positive about his circumstances. "It takes me a while, but I'll get it sometime," Coleman told Virginia reporters.

Thankfully, he didn't go without help last winter. In February of 2015, 18-year-old Tommy Adams was driving with his mother when he noticed Coleman struggling to clear the snow in front of his house. Tommy urged his mother to stop the car without a second's hesitation. Tommy works as a snow shoveler, which means it's probably the last thing he wants to do on his day off, but his mom raised him to look out for those around him. Tommy and his mother are both thankful they stopped to help that day, bringing a little warmth to Clarence Coleman's cold winter. Check out the video below to learn the full story behind this incredible act of kindness.