Teeny-Tiny Penguins Make Their Debut At The Bronx Zoo

May 25, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Almost everyone loves penguins. With their little waddling movements and their generally cute features, it's no surprise that they've been beloved characters of children's films like "Happy Feet" and "Madagascar."

The world's largest penguins (Emperor penguins) can reach up to nearly 4 feet in size and weigh up to 77 pounds. The adorable little blue penguins (Eudyptula minor, a.k.a. fairy penguins) seen in this video, however, are the smallest penguins in the world and measure in at just over a foot in height and roughly 2 pounds in weight.

These 24 blue penguins are recent arrivals at the Bronx Zoo, which now becomes just the third zoo in America to feature these birds. They were hatched at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia and then brought to America as part of a breeding program. In the wild, blue penguins are generally found off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand.
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