The Beatles' Famous Final Concert.

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The Beatles are one of those bands that everyone has heard. Scratch that - they are THE band that everyone has heard. Even if you don't think you've heard them, The Beatles' body of work and influence spreads so far that they're nearly impossible to avoid. They're like Elvis or Michael Jackson: so game-changing that it's impossible to imagine a world without their music. 

The Beatles dominated the 1960s, gaining huge popularity in the U.K. with their first big hit, "Love Me Do," in 1962. It wasn't until 1964 that The Beatles would rise to the level of international superstars with growing success in the United States. In fact, The Beatles are still the best-selling musical artists in U.S. history, having sold approximately 178 million units. Their most popular period of the 1960s was referred to as Beatlemania, but, as far as we're concerned, Beatlemania still seems to be going on today. Aspiring singers cover their songs left and right, artists draw their likeness into pancakes and drummers cover their entire discography in five minutes. It’s been decades since the Fab Four were together, but the fandom surrounding them is still as alive as ever.

As sad as it is, every band breaks up eventually. Unless you're The Rolling Stones, in which case you'll continue touring into infinity. While The Beatles' breakup wasn't officially complete until 1974 (due to legal disputes), a rooftop concert on January 30th, 1969 marked the last time they would ever play together. The band's final performance was a surprise for the quiet London office district as they jammed out on top of the headquarters of Apple Records. This performance of "Don't Let Me Down," recorded on that fateful day, will forever be a part of rock & roll history. Enjoy.