The Best Use For Olive Garden's 'Never Ending Pasta Pass'

Aug 30, 2015 By Erin Marie McDonald
Olive Garden is synonymous with high school dates, suburban life and, of course, its unlimited soup and salad deals. Who among us hasn't binged there at least once before? I thought not.

In September 2014, Olive Garden, offered up a limited-time promotion for the "Never Ending Pasta Pass." For $100, any carboholic could attempt to eat as much pasta as they wanted for seven weeks straight. Enter Matt Tribe. His only goal was to share his gluttonous love for all things gluten with others over the course of 100 meals.

Starting with family, friends, colleagues, and even the UPS guy, Tribe soon extended his self-proclaimed "random acts of pasta" to those in the most need within his community.
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