The Elephant Of Chaos.

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There’s a saying that goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” But no one ever says what it takes to raise an elephant. Moyo is a 14-month old elephant that was found as an infant after he was washed away from his family while trying to cross a river. Most animals left in that hopeless situation would have been in life-threatening danger. However, Moyo had a savior that knew just what to do to help him survive.

When the baby elephant was found, he was taken to the Wild is Life sanctuary in Harare, Zimbabwe. That’s when animal rescuer Roxy Danckwerts stepped up and brought Moyo home to live in with her. Soon, the elephant and her new mom became inseparable. Moyo wouldn’t leave her side and made himself very comfortable in his new house. 

As time passed, some trouble started to occur. Moyo soon became too big for his usual activities. He is, after all, an elephant. Moyo’s rambunctiousness has given way into chaos. He loves to try every food he can find and sit down in places he knows he shouldn’t. This is one elephant that was raised with a silver spoon in its mouth, literally. But that’s alright for Roxy, who is just happy to show love to an animal that desperately needs it.