The First Otter With Asthma Has Learned To Use An Inhaler

Sep 19, 2015 By Jake Brannon
Parents often have a difficult time getting their children to take medicine. They'll try everything from quoting Mary Poppins to promising a new toy to get their kids to take their meds. The trainers at the Seattle Aquarium had an even more trying task when one of their otters got diagnosed with asthma. Getting a kid to use an inhaler is one thing, but an otter? Here's the incredible tale of Mishka.

Mishka, a one-year-old sea otter, has the first reported case of asthma among her species. The AAAAI estimates that 300 million people around the world suffer from this incurable disease, but we have no hard stats on how many otters are impacted. Having learned to use an inhaler, Mishka can now live an active life with the other otters in her aquarium. Asthma can hit in unexpected places, even the animal kingdom.
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