The Future Of Antibiotics Might Be Found In Something As Simple As Sand

Apr 30, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
The past few years have seen a heightened focus on the issue of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Recently, the healthcare industry has faced outbreaks of drug-resistant infections, so-called "superbugs," that can infect millions of people each year.

The question of how such infections have come about has already been answered: we often take antibiotics when we don't really need them, and, because of this overuse, the bacteria in our bodies have become resistant to certain drugs. The big question now is: how do we stop these outbreaks?

Professor Roger Linington of the University of California, Santa Cruz is exploring alternate sources of medicine, found at the bottom of our oceans. Scientist Bryson Voirin accompanied Professor Linington on a dive to the bottom of Monterey Bay, on a search for new bacteria that might help to fight superbugs.
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