The Future Of Space Exploration May Look Something Like This

Aug 2, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Mankind has come a very long way. We once lived in caves and looked up to the sky in wonder. Several thousand years later, we were able to start unraveling the mysteries of space and time and eventually even soaring through the very cosmos itself to put a man on the moon and, more recently, a satellite out as far as Pluto. It stands to reason that our futures will become even more closely intertwined with interplanetary and/or interstellar travel.

Erik Wernquist, an animator and digital artist from Stockholm, Sweden, created this short film titled "Wanderers" to share his vision for where mankind will end up some day in the somewhat distant future. The locations depicted in the film are actual locations in our solar system, and were created using real photos and maps whenever possible. Perhaps what makes it most compelling, however, is the narration that is provided by none other than Carl Sagan himself.
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