The Great Sport Of Egg Jumping.

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Television has come a long way since the 70s, but if there’s one thing that has stayed constant it’s the human interest piece. Shining the spotlight on an eccentric member of the community, the human interest piece can be the shining gem in a news anchor’s crown or the bane of their existence. In this clip, a news anchor does her best to hide her bewilderment for her subject, a man who says he can jump on eggs. When he finally decides to deliver on his promise, the results leave her less than impressed. 

We think the anchor was a little hard on him when she said “that’s it?” There’s plenty to celebrate here. Like his adorable jump. And what about the solid workout form he utilizes while checking the eggs? Combine that with the jumping and you’ve got yourself some cardio.

Sadly egg jumping never really took off worldwide, but it brought this man joy, so that’s all the matters. Enjoy this oddball blast from the past.