The Kids From That Classic 1990s SunnyD Commercial Are All Grown Up

May 26, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
When I think about the 1990s, I remember the insane colors, acid-wash everything, awesome music and even more awesome cartoons (seriously, call me old-fashioned, but "Dexter's Lab" was a masterpiece). The other thing I remember about growing up back then are the commercials.

One of the best and most memorable was the classic Sunny Delight (a.k.a. SunnyD) commercial featuring some boisterous teenage rollerbladers looking through mom's fridge for the perfect drink to quench their extreme-sports thirst. It was possibly one of the most prolific ad campaigns ever, running 5-8 times a day and even inspiring a popular joke by comedian Dave Chappelle.

In a move of self-awareness that I can only describe as brilliant, SunnyD recently released this new ad parodying that classic commercial from 20 years ago. The kids are all grown up now, and the exasperated mom points out that they need jobs, not SunnyD. This ad is sure to strike a chord with anyone who grew up watching the classic version.
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