The Rays Are Unimpressed By This Rookie's Home Run.

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A player's first at-bat in a major league baseball game is one of the most exciting moments of their career. It's what every young ballplayer dreams about while putting in countless hours practicing and playing America's favorite pastime. Unfortunately, only one in every 200 high school senior baseball players will see themselves drafted in the major leagues. As if beating those odds weren't impressive enough, Tampa Bay Ray's rookie Richie Shaffer decided to hit a home run during his first major league at-bat. 

While Shaffer and his family were clearly ecstatic, his team's reaction wasn't quite what he was expecting. As it turns out, this is a pretty common practice among baseball players when a rookie does something great early in their career. Whether or not he was anticipating their lack of reaction, Shaffer plays along with it in a hilarious way that shows he's fitting in well with his new teammates.