The Romeo And Juliet Of The Animal Kingdom.

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Back in 2012, YouTube user bill16504 was relaxing in his living room along with his pet black and white bunny rabbit, Pep. One of Pep's favorite things to do is to hang out by the glass door on sunny days where she can soak up the heat. On this particular day, Bill recalls that there were a lot of wild rabbits out and about in the yard since it was mating season. One of those rabbits ends up on the deck on the other side of the glass. When he sees Pep? Let's just say it was love at first sight.

The wild rabbit stares at Pep and looks longingly at her through the glass. Anytime she moves out of view, he patiently awaits her return. Although it would probably be really cute, in theory at least, to let these two star-crossed lovers meet and give each other adorable bunny kisses and cuddles, it's definitely best that Bill kept the door firmly shut. Rabbits are notorious breeders and the resulting half-wild/half-domesticated offspring from such a coupling would be pretty high maintenance. Sadly, these two must remain unrequited lovers forevermore.