The "Running Of The Goats" Is An Adorable Sight To See

Jun 13, 2015 By Shannon Barbour
Kids gone wild. Wonder what makes these little guys go? The freedom to run and play while chasing humans is big fun for them. This happy herd of Nigerian dwarf goats roam about after enjoying grazing and grains. Unlike sheep, kids tend not to cluster too closely to their parents or one another and, instead, run around in loose groups something like, well, human kids. Their cheerful, high-pitched calls actually sound like human children.

These kids, in particular, reside on Sunflower Farm, a Maine creamery known for its cheese and caramels. In addition to their frolicking fun, the owners know their goats by their individual calls and personalities, and they take special care in milking and tending to each kid's needs.
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