The Secret To What's Really Going On Inside Our Heads

Mar 18, 2015
Dr. Amit Sood is a professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. He was born and raised in Bhopal, India, where he had his initial medical training and practice. He elected to move to the United States in order to participate in techniques that were on the cutting edge of medicine. Upon moving, Sood realized that unhappiness and despair were as much of an issue in the U.S. as they were in India. He also learned that money was not the solution to this issue.

It was a turning point in Sood's career as he shifted his focus to neuroscience, specifically learning about emotions and pain. In short, he wanted a scientific reason for suffering, as well as solutions that made sense in today's world. He has continued to focus his research in this area and has dedicated his life to teaching others about happiness, specifically how to find and keep it.
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