The Wait Times For America's Veterans To Receive Medical Care Are Truly Troubling

Apr 12, 2015
The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a government-run benefit system for all veterans that has Cabinet-level status. This department's most recent fact sheet from November 2014 lists just over 23 million veterans who are currently living, with close to 17 million of those veterans serving the U.S. during war who are eligible to receive benefits. These numbers do not include the families of service members, or the spouses of those lost in battle.

Because of the amount of those receiving benefits, Congress opted to lift the restrictive legislation on who could provide that care with new legislation that was intended to give veterans who need care more options and less "wait time" to see a doctor. However, despite this new law and despite the fact that the VA has hired more people and launched an ambitious building plan to create more clinics, the wait time to see doctors is longer than ever.
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