The World Champion Of Freestyle Jet Ski Has Got Some Crazy Moves

Jun 2, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
In late 2013, Anthony Burgess was crowned the International Jet Sports Boating Association's pro freestyle world champion after he put on a show of his gravity-defying stunts on his personal watercraft. Although not in the top 3 this past October, Burgess has been in the top 5 for years. Starting to jet ski at the age of 12, on his dad's stand-up watercraft, he was a quick learner who rose to the top just as quickly as he learned. Sponsored by Team X Scream, he competes in events all over the world and has won titles at every level (British, European, and World).

Burgess also works as an apprentice plumber in the United Kingdom and trains in the gym for approximately four hours each day. His main focus in the gym is on his chest and arms, so he is able to lift his 330-pound craft out of the water.
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