There Isn't A Dry Eye In The Arena When A Soldier Returns Home To Surprise His Parents

Apr 16, 2015
Being the parent of a member of the armed forces is sure to involve some conflicting emotions. There is, of course, the feeling of overwhelming pride for the son or daughter, but there is also a constant concern for his or her safety. This combination of emotions makes for an incredibly beautiful moment when a young service member returns home, safe and sound, to his or her family.

Eitan and Ronit Urman of Scottsdale, Arizona got to experience the amazing feeling of relief for themselves when they were surprised by their son, Dan, on his return from Afghanistan. Dan had been stationed in Afghanistan since November of 2014 and was scheduled to return home in May or June. When he learned that he would be coming home earlier than expected, Dan contacted the Arizona Coyotes to plan a surprise for his parents on the hockey team's fan appreciation night.
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