There Isn't A Dry Eye In The House When A Bomb-Sniffing Dog Is Finally Reunited With Her Loving Human Companion

May 13, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
Dogs aren't just man's best friend - they can also be man's co-worker. In wartime, canines are used for very essential duties on the battlefield. Dogs can be trained as scouts, sentries or trackers. The candidates that are most commonly picked are the German shepherd breed, due to their outstanding ability to track. Little is recognized when it comes to these heroes, so this video is a beautiful reminder of our four-legged soldiers.

Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach had the honor of serving with one of the military's devoted dog soldiers, a Labrador Retriever named Casey. Upon returning from Afghanistan, Gundlach and Casey were separated, but he vowed to find the sweet dog and began working to locate and adopt her. To his surprise, at what he believed to be a ceremony in honor of Armed Forces Day, Gundlach's other battle partner, Marine Sgt. Kyle Williams, brought Casey out to the podium. This was the beginning of a beautiful reunion between a soldier and his brave dog.
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