These Airline Passengers Just Got The Best Safety Demo They've Ever Seen

Aug 14, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Back when I was a kid, the two most pervasive complaints about airlines were that the food was horrible and the in-flight safety demo was beyond redundant and boring for anyone who had ever flown before. Although the food is still ... a work in progress ... it seems that more and more airlines are starting to realize that they need to spice up the safety demo so people will watch it.

While some airlines are investing in brand new safety videos (such as Delta Airlines' internet/meme-themed video, or Air New Zealand's hobbit-themed one), sometimes all that's needed is a crew member with a bit of theatrical flair. This video, taken aboard a WestJet flight headed to Saskatchewan, Canada shows flight attendant Michael McAdam having some fun with the live safety demonstration. His facial expressions and gesturing are absolutely hilarious and have the whole plane (and me) laughing along.
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