These Celebrities Had No Idea They Were Going To Cover Taylor Swift

Aug 22, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
The Oxford Union Society is known as one of the premier debate organizations in the world, bringing in speakers from across politics, art, and entertainment to talk about the day's issues. You might think that sounds sort of stuffy, but it’s all serious. To prove the point that the Oxford Union knows how to have fun they’ve created this delightful cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” mashed up with clips of their famous speakers.

You’ll see Morgan Freeman, Stephen Fry, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, ASAP Rocky, Jack Gleeson from Game of Thrones, and more, all unknowingly singing a few lines from the T-Swift classic. It’s not too soon to call “Shake It Off” a classic is it? We think millions of fans across the world would agree it’s not. Enjoy this slightly less businesslike look at the Oxford Union Society and get your groove going.
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