These Convenient Baby Wipes Are Actually Creating Serious Problems

Apr 7, 2015
The baby wipe industry first began to see growth when a synthetic fiber was created that was durable enough for heavy cleaning and still soft and sensitive enough to be used on skin. There were many advantages to wipes, including their durability, cost and absorbency. But perhaps the biggest advantage to wipes was that they did not need to be laundered, because they were also disposable. Remember, disposable does not mean biodegradable.

As time progressed and the market saw a growing demand for make-life-easier products, the wipe industry evolved to feature products that were not only for babies, but for anyone and anywhere. Even better, one of the latest products was a flushable wipe. The flushable wipes were not capable of being broken down either, which created a problem not only in our landfills, but now in sewer treatment centers too.
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