These Firefighters Should Be Commended For The Way They Respond To A Man's Criticism

Apr 7, 2015
YouTube user Anna Olson recently uploaded a video taken outside of FoodMaxx in Oroville, California. It shows Salinas resident and taxpayer Jim Elkins confronting the Butte County firefighters regarding driving the fire truck to a local FoodMaxx store (4.81 miles away from their station) while on duty.

During the incident, Elkins is recorded and threatens to sue the videographer if the recording is used. But the right to record such an incident is protected by the First Amendment. As long as the ordeal itself occurs on public property (and it was in this case), Elkins has no legitimate expectation of privacy.

As long as the recording does not interfere with first responders' work and is not used to make money, it is allowed. Since it is on a free-to-access YouTube channel, the only ones making gains are the firemen who show what it means to be a professional when faced with complaints.
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