These Men Found A Way To Turn Trash Into Something Amazing

Mar 26, 2015
Mac Premo is an artist and self-proclaimed "stuff maker" based in Brooklyn, New York. Don Sanford is a custom housebuilder and carpenter living in Encinitas, California. These two crossed paths one year when Premo was buying a skateboard for his daughter, and the rest is history.

Premo and Sanford are two immensely creative minds who worked together to do something incredible. Sanford and his family run a local skateboard company, "Sanford Shapes," with the sole purpose of making custom wooden skateboards. Premo, after seeing the incredible work in their store, thought it would be a great idea to work with Sanford on a design challenge that would require using just garbage and things from around the house. What came out of this challenge was something pretty incredible: the Bucket Skateboard.
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