These Scientists Want To Help You Hear... With Your Tongue

Feb 18, 2015
Everyone knows that there are five senses and a body part for each one. There are eyes to see, ears to hear, and so on. But, what if a pair of these were to switch places with the other? Kevin Lieber of Vsauce2 is sharing something absolutely mind-blowing in this video. Some researchers at Colorado State University are developing a unique way to aid the deaf community.

Students at CSU are working on a hearing aid for the tongue. The device would be a much cheaper alternative to cochlear implants while still getting the job done right. By pressing a Bluetooth retainer that rests on the tongue, the device transmits vibrations to a small earpiece. While it may take some time to train the ear to hear with this device, this looks to be a great success for the near future.
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