These Thrillseekers Have Invented An Entirely New Type Of Roller Coaster

Jul 24, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone
Carnival is synonymous in many parts of the world with "giant party." Originally intended as a way to rapidly deplete the stores of meat and other food to be given up before Lent, many religious and non-religious people alike enjoy the elaborate costumes and frivolity, regardless of the history.

While the carnival in Rio is considered the largest in the world, the "Carnaval de Cadiz" in Spain holds an entirely different title: most irreverent. The costumes are no less elaborate than their more traditional counterparts, and the festivities are no less boisterous. The themes, however are far more ridiculous and rife with parody and satire. Bawdy singing troupes and costumes that shoot for humor over flash make for a one-of-a-kind festival that anyone who loves travel and culture should not miss. The "ladies" in the following video are just a tiny sample of what awaits in this city-wide good time.
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