These Tiny Tortoises Love To Eat Tiny Pancakes

May 23, 2015 By Houston Barber
Four baby tortoises had the pleasure of experiencing a delicious treat for the first time. The tortoises, who go by the names Oz, Tails, George and Ralph, each got to experience the magic of a stack of pancakes and seemed to give rave reviews. While some of the tortoises were more interested in climbing the small stack of pancakes or giving them a gentle hug, they all went head first and took a big, tasty bite.

Biologists say that tortoises can live off of a wide variety of foods, and a small bite of a pancake every once in a while is perfectly healthy. That is good news for these tortoises who may have just found their new favorite snack, and even better news for us, because what's cuter than a tiny tortoise eating a tiny pancake?
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