This 16th Century Book Is A Marvelous Example Of Sixfold Binding

Jan 20, 2015

When thinking of the technology of books, the first thought is likely today’s Kindles, iPads, and various eReaders. In the National Library of Sweden, there’s another item that comes to mind. They have a book with mind-blowing technology that was made in the 16th century. What’s truly amazing about this book is that it doesn’t simply hold one story, but six.

The book’s top is covered with leather while the bottom is held together with metal clasps on all sides, to take the place of actual binding.

When it’s closed, the clasps are completely visible from all sides.


How the book is read depends entirely on which clasps are opened.

The leather covers are gorgeous.

Here’s a view of the book opening from all of its sides.


It’s incredible to think that this high-tech book was handcrafted over 500 years ago. 

Credit: National Library of Sweden

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