This 3D Drawing Of A Spider Looks As If It's Ready To Jump Off The Page.

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Spiders are underestimated creatures, that, unfortunately, have a bad reputation. These creepy crawlies are not very pleasing to look at, but their existence is extremely important.

Although many spiders are predatory, the jumping spider is anything but. Contrary to popular belief, these little guys take in 90 percent of their nutrients from fairly solid plant material. And, of course, they aren't out to "get" you. Spiders have a very specific set of hunting characteristics, and humans aren't on their list of prey. Next time you attempt to step on a spider, remember this: These eight-legged creatures are vital to our ecosystem and are the primary source of food for many small mammals.

Speaking of spiders, this creepy crawler looks like it's just about to walk off this artist's notebook. When he touches it, something unexpected happens.