This $6000 Custom Truck Gets Pulled Over Every Day

Feb 22, 2015
Rick Sullivan is the owner of and mechanic at Kathy's Collision in Clinton, Ill. On the day that he got a call to tow a pickup truck that had flipped upside down in an accident, he didn't just see a wreck - he saw possibilities. After taking parts from two different trucks (a '91 Ford Ranger with the body of an upside down '95 Ford F-150 on top), Sullivan ended up with something truly one-of-a-kind.

This isn't his first time building unique vehicles though. Sullivan first rose to prominence for building a Radio Flyer Red Wagon car (you know, those red wagons we all had as kids). The best part about his crazy rides? They're still fully street-legal, and cops actually love taking pictures with them.
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