This 9-Year-Old Doesn't Let His Disability Define Him.

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One of the most important messages for people of all ages is that it's okay to be different. This is something that 9-year-old Ezra Frech believes deep in his heart, and he's speaking at schools and fundraisers across the country to get the word out. Born with only one finger on his left hand and a curved left leg, Ezra has lived with disabilities his entire life, but that's not what he wants to define him. 

According to his organization's Facebook page, "Ezra thinks of himself as an athlete, not disabled." Despite having a prosthetic leg and limited use of his left hand, Ezra has quickly become one of the top athletes in his age group. Ezra's unflinching optimism motivates us to push through whatever challenges life throws our way. Click here if you'd like to learn more about Ezra's story and what you can do to help support his efforts.