This Adorable Little Beagle Has Some Serious Soccer Skills

Apr 4, 2015
Purin Kumagai, the Super Beagle, has her own YouTube channel with nearly 12,000 followers and a Facebook page with over 7,000 likes.

She was born in November 2005 at Tochigi or "yankee Boy Kennel," and she found her owner (or vice versa) after 59 days there. Purin's owner began to upload videos of her many talents to her YouTube channel in 2008. After her initial videos went viral in Japan, she was featured on multiple Japanese television shows. She is a wonderful companion dog, very strong minded and social (initially only with other dogs, according to her owner). Purin, which means "pudding" in English, even has her own agent. Although Purin's ball-handling skills showcased in her soccer video are incredible, this is just one of her many talents.
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