This Animated Map Shows The History Of World War II One Day At A Time

Aug 5, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
History is absolutely fascinating, but it's often hard to get a proper idea of the scale on which it occurs just by reading history books. The tale of human history is a tale of the constant rise and fall and mighty empires, great armies and powerful men. It's one thing to read about them but it's another altogether to really be able to see just how these empires rose, what directions they spread in, and how long they maintained it until they started to cave inwards again.

YouTuber EmperorTigerStar created his channel expressly for this purpose, and has uploaded several animated maps showing how historical events effected a given region of the world, broken down by years, months, weeks, or even days. In this installment, we see a say-by-day progression of the European theater of war during World War II, starting with Hitler's initial expansions and going all the way to the Allied victory.
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