This Artist Uses Lousy Weather To Reveal Hidden Messages In Cool Street Art

Mar 31, 2015
Seattle is famous for its rainy weather, but that's a misleading reputation. With an average of around 37 total inches of rain annually, it gets less rain than just about anywhere on the east coast. It does, however, have an abundance of cloudy days (roughly 250 days a year) which are generally accompanied by a light drizzle. So, while it does rain often, it doesn't rain a lot.

Taking advantage of that fact, local artist Peregrine Church uses a superhydrophobic coating to create artworks that appear in the rain. Superhydrophobic coatings are generally a nanolayer of silica gel that repels all liquids from whatever it's applied to. It's popularly used in the maritime industry as it reduces friction on a boat's hull, improving fuel efficiency.
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