This Baby Got Really Confused When He Was Babysat By His Dad’s Twin.

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Identical twins have always been known for sharing a bond that goes well beyond that of traditional siblings. Having the same genetics and childhood experiences is one thing, but many twins express that they see their sibling as an extension of themselves. Genetics alone doesn't go nearly far enough to explain this phenomenon. "I'd say that the biggest obstacle for non-twin siblings in achieving this bond is the age difference. The reason my twin and I work so well is the inherent lack of superiority, whether in age or in experience. Not only do we experience the same things, we experience them in similar ways," said Woody Chung – a twin – in a post on Quora.

For Stephen Ratpojanakul, his twin brother Michael has always been one of the most important people in his life. It was through Michael's wife that Stephen met his wife, Carroll. In a strange twist of fate, it turns out that Carroll is the twin of Caryn, Michael’s wife. Two identical twin siblings married to another set of identical twin siblings – have you ever heard of something like that happening?

Last week, Michael and his wife went over to their twins' apartment to babysit Stephen and Carroll's son, Reed. Reed has obviously met his uncle before, but it's hard to blame him for getting confused when they are next to each other. Reed recently learned the word "dada," but when it comes to his dad and uncle, he isn't confident in whom he should be calling what.