This Banjo Version Of An '80s Classic Is Definitely A "Sweet" Treat

Jul 1, 2015 By Mary Madsen
The banjo is an instrument that doesn't get a lot of mainstream attention in modern times. This banjo-enthusiast, aptly named "Banjo Guy Ollie" on YouTube, is hoping to change that and introduce his favorite instrument to people around the world.

Oliver Longuet began posting his banjo and mandolin covers of video game tunes in early 2014. Since then, he's gained nearly 8,000 YouTube subscribers and 700,000 views. While his video library is still predominantly made up of video game song covers, he's recently branched out into different material. This Eurythmics cover is his third full song cover, following two Metallica songs. Longuet also speed paints (creating gorgeous pieces in an hour), which he records and posts on his channel.
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