This Brutal Workout Is Not For The Faint Of Heart.

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Brandon Carter is a Renaissance man of sorts - he is an active fitness model, certified personal trainer, DJ, hip-hop artist signed with HNIC Media and a best-selling author of a fitness book (which was released in 2014). He grew up on Chicago's South Side and graduated from Howard University with a degree in marketing.

He works full time as the marketing director for B&B Sports Nutrition in New York City. Carter recently added this video to his Facebook page, challenging his followers (just over 800,000) to post a video if they could do the same workout, but better.

The workout features HIIT, which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, where the participant moves between intense exercises and moments of rest. Multiple studies have indicated that HIIT activities can burn up to nine times more fat than a traditional cardio exercise and keep metabolism rates elevated for more than 24 hours afterwards. No easy task, for sure, but the benefits far outweigh the pain.