This Cat Has To Hunt The House For His Dinner

Aug 8, 2015 By Mary Madsen
Ben Millam might have invented the best bit of tech for cats yet. Now that all cat owners are a bit envious, know that no jealousy is necessary. Why, you ask? Because Millam has described how to build one of your own on his website.

Before you get out your tools, Millam stresses that training your cat is a prerequisite for this neat feeder to work. To make his cat Monkey the hunting machine he is now, Millam used "clicker" training. After each stage of the behavior, give positive reinforcement to reward the behavior. Millam used three different sequences of behavior to train Monkey: one to retrieve the ball, one to deliver the ball to the target and a final one to combine the two (find the ball, retrieve it and deliver it to the target).
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