This Dock Master Speedily Secures A Boat

Jun 26, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
If you're ever in Clearwater, Florida and happen to be on a boat, you should very seriously consider going to Frenchy's restaurant. If not for the great food (recently named among Florida's top eateries by celebrity chef and entertainer Alton Brown), you'll definitely want to meet their incredible dockmaster, Linda.

I'm not sure exactly how long Linda's been working on securing boats to the dock, but I'd be willing to say she's probably forgotten more than most will learn in a lifetime. As you can see in this video, while most dock workers end up fumbling around on their hands and knees while doing this, Linda gets it done in seconds - like she's some sort of combination Zorro/Indiana Jones (maybe a little Wonder Woman thrown in). Even in slow-motion, her immaculate technique is still basically a blur.
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