This Dog Demands That His Owner Stay Hydrated In The Summer Heat

Jul 16, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
In the summer months, everyone uses some steadfast methods to beat the heat. Some people run through sprinklers, some swim in pools and some just spray each other with a water hose. No matter your favorite cool-down trick, it's safe to say that activities such as these are always more enjoyable in a group setting. After all, how much fun can it be to spray yourself with a hose?

This must have been what the dog above was thinking when he sneakily snagged his owner's water hose during some outdoor time. The playful pup probably just wanted to help his beloved owner cool down and maybe get a little exercise, just like his owner does for him every day. Whether or not his owner enjoys this all that much is another story, but it's this kind of initiative that make dogs man's best friends.
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