This Fan-Made Lightsaber Might Be Cooler Than A Real One.

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So, if you’re like most of the world right now, you’ve probably seen the new Star Wars film, Episode VII: The Force Awakens. If you did, you might have noticed something different about the lightsabers in the film, or at least their effect on the environment and the actors.

While in previous Star Wars movies, the glowing laser swords were simply metal, plastic or wooden sticks that then received a special effects makeover after filming, the lightsabers in the new film were actually customized versions of the commercially available “ForceFX” line of replica lightsabers. That’s right, this movie borrowed something a fan invented to make the experience that much better. Is there any other movie prop that evokes such a following? We can’t think of one.

The major advantage is in the lighted blade. By glowing blue or red, just like the “real” thing in the movie, these lightsabers actually helped to light the scene, casting a glow on everything in the exact way they would if had they been actual searing beams of pure energy. Not only did this add a bit of realism to The Force Awakens’ intense and gritty saber duels, it also just looked really, really cool.

But honestly those ForceFX lightsabers are nothing compared to the set of custom-built ones from Graflex Saber. Built using actual vintage camera tube flashes just like the originals, and containing an incredibly detailed interior body, replete with “focusing crystal” (an actual real crystal!), these two lightsabers represent the ultimate in fan dedication.