This Guilty Dog Has The Best Reaction When He's Confronted

Jul 1, 2015 By Paul Kim
There's nothing quite as funny as seeing a guilty dog try to avoid getting in trouble. It's surprising how they seem to know what they did was wrong. Here at Wimp, we've seen a lot of dogs act in the funniest ways when they're being confronted. From running away to blaming it on someone else, dogs often act in hilarious ways to get out of a scolding.

Melissa Lee's recently had a similar experience. Her dog Matzo had knocked over a trash can and made a mess on the floor. But when she goes to confront him, he has the guiltiest look on his face. The funniest part is what he does next. After seeing this, she can't help but burst out laughing. All is forgiven, Matzo.
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