This Guy Is So Good At Playing The Saxophone, He Doesn't Even Need Any Instruments

Jun 7, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Check out this master musician. This video, uploaded by YouTube user Declan Feeney, shows a British man who is so good at playing the saxophone that he doesn't even need a sax to do it.

The man, who some users have identified as being from Liverpool, England based on his accent, starts off boasting slightly before doing a near-perfect impersonation of a saxophone playing the theme from "The Pink Panther," much to the amusement of his fellow patrons and the hundreds of thousands of folks who have been wowed by his skills online. The identity of this man still remains somewhat of a mystery, but if he can bust out some Kenny G he may just have a serious career opportunity (or at least a shot at some televised talent show).
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