This Guy's Vision For The "Future Of Fitness" Is Absurdly Hilarious

Aug 24, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Clearly, some people will do just about anything to skip leg day at the gym. This video, titled "The Future of Fitness," was uploaded to YouTube by the crossfit channel RxMedia (EU). The video shows a guy in pretty good shape going around the gym and doing a lot of the traditional exercises one would see such as pull ups, bench press, boxing, squats and even an agility drill. The twist? He's doing them all while wheeling around the gym on a balance scooter (think Segway, without the handlebars).

I guess this is that perfect middle ground between when you like staying in shape, but you're also simultaneously really lazy. I think my favorite part was the cardio session on the treadmill. I love strength training but I'm not a cardio fan, so this definitely seems like a great solution to that problem. Before I get anyone mad (and/or risk spreading misinformation) please remember that regular cardiovascular exercise like running is absolutely essential for having a healthy heart and, judging by the shape he's in, I'm sure the guy in this video gets his cardio done multiple times a week.
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