This Haitian Painter Doesn't Want Us To Forget The Importance Of Color

Sep 27, 2015 By Jake Brannon
Jalouzi is Haiti's largest slum. It belongs to their capital city of Port-au-Prince and is home to roughly 50,000 people. The 2010 earthquake wrecked Haiti, making living conditions for residents tougher than ever. In 2013, a project entitled "Beauty versus Poverty: Jalouzi in Colors" was introduced in an attempt to transform a portion of the city into a place that people would be proud to call home.

The project, which cost several million dollars, paid individuals to paint the city a variety of colors and brighten up a community that's been through more than most could bear. Many residents were critical of this costly effort, though, considering more pressing issues still existed in their community, the lack of quality schools and clean water to name a couple. Despite these problems, the artists and children in this short film seem to have a positive view of painting Jalouzi. Meeting the needs of every resident in a community is difficult, and while the money involved could have been used better elsewhere, this project provides people with the inspiration to strengthen their community in many other ways.
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