This Indian 'Birdman' Feeds Around 4,000 Wild Parakeets Twice A Day

Oct 28, 2015 By Archit Tripathi

Like Bruce Wayne or Neo from The Matrix, sometimes we accidentally step into roles we never thought we would have. One camera repairman from Chennai, India has found himself in the same situation. Ten years ago, Sekar fed two parakeets from his windowsill. Today he feeds nearly four thousand birds every morning and has become known as India’s “birdman.” 

Much to Sekar’s delight, the thousands of birds that flock to his house every day have taken over his life. “I don’t have anything other than these birds. My life revolves around these birds. I can’t do anything,” Sekar says. Still, Sekar enjoys his status as the “birdman” and hopes others can learn about loving and caring for others from his work.

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