This Innovative Clip-On Device Is One Tech Firm's Way Of Helping Keep Women Safe.

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Violence against women is a serious, global issue that affects all of us. It's a tragic reality of life that somewhere right now, a woman is being made to feel unsafe and is quite possibly under attack. Sadly, the issue will never really be solved until us men actually take responsibility for our behavior, and the part that we play in making women feel unsafe. In a perfect world, the danger wouldn't exist because people would know how to act around women. Until then, however, we've just got to do the best we can in other ways to try to prevent an attack

One of the scariest things to think about is that most women are assaulted by someone they already know. This familiarity leaves them more vulnerable to an attack. Most attacks also happen in situations where help is often not around - secluded parking lots, desolate alleyways, and other shadowy locations are usually a predator's prime choice. They can get their victims alone and quickly disappear.

Imagining your loved ones being attacked is a truly terrifying thought, but thankfully, there are people like Yasmine Mustafa and Anthony Gold out there. Their company ROAR's foray into the currently booming world of wearable technology has given us the brilliantly designed Athena device, named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, justice, strength, and courage. The device looks like a fashionable little clip-on accessory that can be attached to a purse, shirt collar/lapel, or even worn on a necklace as a pendant. Holding the button on it down for three seconds activates a sequence that sends an alert to selected family and friends, providing location and an option to call 911 with one click.