This Is How You Film A Ski Run

Feb 7, 2016 By Michael W. Pirrone

We’ve seen some pretty amazing skiing videos over the years here at Wimp. Whether it’s incredibly artistic or just a show of raw talent, something about the graceful moves of skiers and pristine natural beauty of the slopes seems to make winter sports an ideal subject for film-making projects. That’s certainly the case for this video from YouTuber Nicolas Vuignier, who came up with an entirely novel way of filming his skiing.

It’s not the most high-tech method. The equipment amounts to an iPhone and some string. It’s not the most complex. It’s just a simple film of Nicolas skiing through a run. But this low-tech solution used to capture an ordinary ski run somehow manages to hypnotize all the same. Because when the footage is played back in slow motion, the results end up looking like something straight out of The Matrix. This improvised “bullet time” film-making rig actually took Vuiginier a year to perfect. Getting the phone to stay upright and stable as he swings it around his head must have been quite the challenge, but it paid off in the end.

The footage is mesmerizing and quite frankly some of the coolest, most unusual snow-carving we’ve ever seen, and it’s all thanks to a simple-but-well-designed invention. We hope for the sake of everyone that this unique device ends up being marketed. It would make just about any trip down the slopes on anything more interesting and just beautiful to look at it. It certainly spiced up this particular footage.

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