This Is One Of The Most Unconventional Uses Of A Leaf Blower

Jul 12, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
In another case of "Why Dad is the more fun babysitter," this video shows the incredible contraption one lucky kid's dad made for him back in the late 1980s. YouTuber 715combine posted the footage with the explanation "Using a leaf blower to propel our custom built Peri-Orbital swing. October 1988." It's not clear if he's the little boy in the video who is all grown up now, but that's not what's important - what really matters is that this peri-orbital swing (similar to the ones astronauts use in training) is being powered by a leaf blower.

Not long ago, we posted another video of a young boy using a leaf blower to spin a chair. Considering this video was recorded significantly further in the past, I can only conclude that the quality of leafblower-induced shenanigans has plummeted, but I have high hopes that this nation of innovators can reclaim that glory once again.
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